November 3rd & 4th, “I Ought to be in Pictures”


Neil Simon’s heartwarming, comedic tour de force takes us into the funky 197o’s, as 19 year old Libby Tucker (played by Sophia Joyce) decides to take a cross country trek in order to follow her dreams… and try to find the father who left her when she was three.

Herb Tucker, (played by Marshall Harck) has lost his passion for screen writing at the race track and has a crash course in parenting when Libby arrives at his doorstep.With the help of his sassy and supportive girlfriend Steffy, (played by Kaitlyn Sedlacek), the two of them set about rebuilding their relationships, with hilarious results.

7 pm, November 3
2* & 7 pm, November 4th
*Actor Talkback

708-655-0989 Tickets
$15 Adults
$5 Students/Seniors

“Sometimes it’s easier to ask for the impossible. When you ask for the possible, you can be rejected.” ~ Steffy, I Ought to be in Pictures