AUDITIONS START AT 11 – 2 PM, SATURDAY, JANUARY 6th, or by appointment. LATTE hows are chosen based on cast complement, talent, and chemistry. Teens 11 – 19 are eligible for this intensive, acting training program.

SUMMER rehearsals are 12 – 3 Mondays – Fridays.  Heck week attendance is mandatory.  Adherence to the Actor’s Code is an integral part of LATTE. Frontrunners are  Murder on the Orient Express, Comedy of Errors, and Alice in Wonderland.

Murder on the Orient Express Logo

Nobody does mystery like Agatha Christie.

Just after midnight, a snowdrift stops the Orient Express in its tracks. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year, but by the morning it is one passenger fewer. An American tycoon lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside. Isolated and with a killer in their midst, detective Hercule Poirot must identify the murderer – in case he or she decides to strike again.


Enter a world devoted to Shakespeare’s absurd comedy saluting our endless, human errors! Filled to the brim with acrobatic mayhem, the hilarity and hijinks of this Comedy of Errors are larger-than-life. Our cleverly abridged, 90-minute production will have audience members of all ages reeling with laughter – with you at the slapstick, vaudevillian helm in this show. Be part of this a torrent of jokes, puns, and farce, within a frivolous story about the mixing up of two sets of twins.

Everywhere they go, strangers insist that they’re old friends. Mistaken identities abound, but in the end, chaos gives way to clarity in this comedy filled with mayhem and madness, as the entire cast, in high jinx in their characters’ reactions, leads the audience through to the two Antipholuses and two Dromios to know their identity.

Antipholus and his lifelong companion, Dromio, search the world over for a long-lost twin. Everywhere they go, complete strangers insist they’re the best of friends. Is everyone here quite mad? Mistaken identities abound, as one bewildering day in Ephesus makes for a madcap adventure on the stage.

Alice in Wonderland Logo

In Lewis Carroll’s most beloved fantasy universe, this version was originally produced and later revived on Broadway, in this most successful dramatic version of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass: a journey into a world of complete illusion, in high comedy and slap-stick comedy.


Please bring your calendars with your commitments and schedules, including spring break and family vacations.

The shows are August 7th -8th. Casts members are expected to be available for mandatory heck starting Friday, August 31st, the week before the show. The Saturday show date has back to back shows and an audience talkback/panel discussion. Availability includes prep time, in between the matinee and evening performances, and for set strike following the show. Families are expected to share volunteer duties for the best shows and needs of the cast as a whole. “Many hands make light work” in LATTE, and the teen cast thrives with this philosophy.


Register for January 4th Acting Workshop Here

Celebrating 10 Years!

Celebration time! Join us in Celebrating LATTE’s 10th Anniversary!

LATTE Anniversary

LATTE Theater, the La Grange Area Teen Theater Ensemble, is proud to have brought it’s patented movement approach of stagecraft and life development to La Grange and Chicagoland for a decade. We recognize the potential in each teen, the ripple effect to our community audiences, and even have won the 2019 Illinois “Leading Age’s Honoring Excellence Award” for our community impact and our intergenerational partnership with Plymouth Place.

Though our quality performances, LATTE entertains with full length comedic and dramatic shows and explores real emotions and current issues. Family dynamics, relationships, domestic violence, aging, mental health, literacy, estrangement, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s, social responsibility, free will vs comfort and abandonment are themes we have brought to the stage in works that range from Shakespeare through Neil Simon. These thought-provoking shows amuse and entertain our wonderful community; all while giving a beautiful launch point for discussions and introspection.

Community Partners include:

  • La Grange Library
  • Plymouth Place Senior Living
  • First Baptist Church of La Grange
  • Illinois Holocaust Museum
  • La Grange Business Association
  • Hitzeman Funeral Home

Illinois Award – Honoring Excellence

LATTE Theater is honored to announce winning Illinois Leading Age’s Honoring Excellence Community Impact Award, with their wonderful, long term community partners, Plymouth Place.

When LATTE Director, Felicia Pfluger, approached Plymouth Place for the opportunity to have the LATTE teens perform for the seniors over a decade ago, she never guessed what wonderful things would happen! Directing the talented senior citizens at Plymouth Place is always an incredible gift. And watching the seniors share their joy, wisdom, and enthusiasm with the LATTE teens, while the teens reciprocate with their enthusiasm and vibrancy. It was a perfect match from the beginning.

Fast forward ten years to a partnership that makes a beautiful community impact. These comedic and dramatic full-length theater shows explore real emotions to current issues such: as domestic violence, aging, mental health, literacy, family estrangement, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s, and abandonment. This “backdoor” of stagecraft positively impacts people both on stage and off… all while producing exceptional shows for our wonderful, supportive community. Here’s to the future!

LATTE Acting Training Placement Auditions January 2nd – 5th by Appointment

Workshop Christine DanceStart the new year off right with LATTE Theater! Our intense stage and movement method feature full immersion in learning the business of running a theater, strengthening stagecraft while creating a dynamic, college level, performance. The teen cast performs a full-length show open to the public, family, and friends. LATTE challenges veteran performers while giving a strong primer to those who want to explore theater as a new avenue.

LATTE bases its choice of shows on what highlights the strength, chemistry of talent through auditions. Its mission is to encourage teens growth on and off the stage. Fun and focus go hand in hand in a collaborative leadership model.

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20 North Ashland, La Grange
Bell Avenue Entrance



LATTE world

LATTE Theater (La Grange Area Teen Theater Ensemble) believes in our future together, because we realize the potential in every child. LATTE focuses on more than excellent theatricality, but lifelong success and happiness. Since 2009… LATTE has prepared ages 11-19 by surrounding them with a safe haven of strength through stage that fosters transformative social capital.

LATTE Empowers Youth through Stage Craft with:

  • Deliberate and Intentional Programs
  • Educating Social-Emotional Healing
  • Motivating Personal Growth and Skill Development
  • Engaging  Collaborative Leadership
  • Supporting Family Engagement
  • Facilitating Community Resources
  • Providing Safe and Innovative Spaces
  • Allowing the Freedom to Create
  • Jump-Starting Critical Thinking Skills and Project Management
  • Shares Coping Skills, Self-Soothing and Self-Regulation Techniques
  • Giving a Great Place to Laugh and Learn Together





What is LATTE?